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I will give you the direct link to download AVG Cleaner Pro Apk + [No Ads] + [Premium] and show you the complete installation process.
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I will give you the direct link to download AVG Cleaner Pro Apk + [No Ads] + [Premium] and show you the complete installation process.
AVG Cleaner Pro APK is efficient software to remove junk and improve your Android phone. Sometimes mobile phone manufacturers have apps installed by default to clean up the clutter. But guess what? They are not good enough. This is the only reason you need a better tool.
AVG Cleaner Pro full APK is a free application popular under the name of AVG and designed for the Android platform. it is based on optimizing all devices running on Android, removing all junk files, and optimizing images stored on a smartphone that takes up a lot of space. In addition, users can have different battery modes that adapt to their smartphone, which in turn saves the power of the device.

This application also has a user-friendly interface and has many great features that improve the performance of the device. AVG Cleaner is so popular that it has reached more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro Apk?

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk is a modified version of the original AVG Cleaner. Third-party developers have modified the official AVG cleaner app and unlocked all premium features. This means you can access all the locked features of the official version for free. All premium features like App Lock, Battery Saver, RAM Booster, and many others help you optimize your Android device.

All of the above features are already unlocked in this modified version. Just install this AVG Cleaner Mod Apk and you are ready to experience a new version of your Android. One of the best things about this cache cleaner is that it is developed by AVG Company, the same company that makes desktop and mobile antivirus software (AVG Antivirus). If you are a cautious person and you are concerned about your privacy, AVG Mobile is a company you can trust. You can put any app to sleep, purge running apps in the background, and even optimize for better performance. With AVG Cleaner you can do all this easily.

Download AVG Cleaner

Downloading AVG Cleaner Apk is quite easy. The APK is called AVG Cleaner-Professional apk. You can find the right link that is authentic to download. It’s about 22.0MB.

Main features of AVG Cleaner Pro

Remove unwanted files instantly

It is counted among the most critical of all functions that clean up folders and unwanted data to make space in your local memory. To do this, you need to click on the “Quick Clean” button in the application’s main interface. Then you need to select the items that you want to clean up. You can then touch the “Cleaning Complete” button. Voila! You have saved a lot of storage space on your smartphone. Getting AVG Cleaner for free for your device is already a big advantage for the services provided. But what else do you get?

Cache Cleaner

Identifies unnecessary junk on your device. Then, in an instant, all that jargon is wiped off the face of the earth. This is the main feature of avg cleaner premium apk. There are many junk cleaners on the market, but they all just clear cache and cookie files. Three months ago, I tried a junk cleaning app. When I cleaned up the trash, I found that there were some hidden cookies in the cache and browser, which had not been cleared. That time I used avg cleaner pro for the first time.

Media File Cleaner

Similarly, you can have your media files checked for junk. You may accidentally have some of the same files. The AVG Cleaner Pro application can identify and delete these files for you. Avg Cleaner is a fast and easy way to clean Android devices. The best tool for smart device manager and optimization from avg antivirus maker. AVG Mobile released the avg cleaner on the Google Play Store on April 30, 2013. Due to its ability to improve the Android device’s performance, it becomes popular right after its launch.

Now it has over 50 million active users, making it one of the best storage booster and cleaning apps in the online market. As we know, our phone gets messy with app cache, old call history, and junk files after a while. Right now, avg cleaner is the best option to clean all these things smartly and effectively. If you want more advanced features of avg cleaner, you should try the avg cleaner pro version.

Optimizer and battery saver

You may have noticed that when your device was brand new, the battery was very drained. But as you get older, you consume more energy and resources, reducing battery life. With avg cleaner pro mod apk, you can analyze which app consumes too much power and disable it to save more battery. You can change the intensity of the battery saver mode by switching between different profiles, such as Work, Vehicle, Low Battery, and Home. If you want to create your custom profile mode, you can do it easily too.


This app can also save battery power and even extend it up to a few hours. In addition, it guarantees 3 ways to protect its capacity according to its use.

Application locker

No one can access your messages and photos. You can lock your apps individually and block others from accessing this folder or app.

About Avg Cleaner Pro APK

Now consider whether you can get included for free? Yes of course! That’s why we have a Pro version for it. Avg cleaner pro helps its users to get rid of their files from dirt, unnecessary folders, and most importantly to get their smartphone to work.

That’s how it is! Not everyone can afford these huge amounts every month. That is why we have already mentioned that Avg Cleaner pro-APK is available for free. More than ever! We have also mentioned all the keys to install it. Do you have it now? Go get it!

Some additional features

Below are a few more features you might like.

  • Get more space
  • Improve performance
  • a longer battery life
  • Sleep Apps
  • System information

FAQs about Avg Cleaner Pro APK

How can I find which version of avg cleaner pro I have installed?

As mentioned above, I am giving avg cleaner pro v5.5.0 which is the latest version available on the play store. If you find it manually, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings >> Installed Applications
Step 2: Find AVG Cleaner and click on it.
Step 3: You will get all the information about it such as the app version, storage, and permissions.

Can I use it on my low-end device?

Yes, avg cleaner pro apk for android is specially designed for this kind of device. You can run this application on any Android device with Android version 5.0 or above.

Many people use custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, AEX, and others. But unfortunately, this app does not support custom ROM. If you still want to install it on your custom ROM, ask in the ROM forum.

How long does it take for AVG Cleaner Pro APK to scan the garbage?

This app takes a short time to scan junk files compared to other cleaning apps.


What's new

- Faster scan and navigation - move through app screens and get the job done way quicker!
- Many accessibility improvements and fixes for our visually impaired users.
 Much more options and file types to clean with a single tap
- A new design for an easier and more comfortable pre-cleaning review
- Completely personalize your Quick Clean screen in the new configuration screen



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