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Granny mods is a terror and fascinating game apk full of fun and dare. It contains 3D graphics and a storyline. In this game Granny keeps you locked in her house. You have to get away from the room in which each corner has hidden secrets. In addition, You have to escape from the room in five days and you need to find hints and use all methods to do so.

You need to work cautiously and quietly otherwise Granny will come and kill you if she heard any noise. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds to save yourself. All the best!

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The gameplay of Granny MODs:

  • In this game, the player has to explore the house to find items that can help him escape the house in 5 days. The items which help to escape include
  • A hammer to pry out planks of wood.
  • A shotgun to shoot Granny.
  • A crossbow to knock down tall objects or to kill Granny.
  • The house has 5 floors which include a garage and 2 attic areas. You can escape by clearing the hurdles on the front door.
  • The obstacles can also be cleared by repairing the car in the garage, which requires gasoline, an oil pump, a spark plug, a car battery, an engine part, and a wrench.
  • You can hide under beds or in wardrobes, as long as Granny doesn’t see you hiding.
  • If you are caught, Granny swings her baseball bat at the player’s head, which ends the current day.
  • The player can also get injured by falling from the unstable floor. If the player is caught on the last day, the game will be over.
  • The player can defend himself from Granny by shooting her or making her walk over the ice trap, trapping her in the sauna, or shooting her with the shotgun to remove Granny as a threat for a period of time.

What’s interesting in the Granny Mod APK?

 The game requires you to go through Granny’s house and explore the hidden mysteries. The mod of Granny is interesting by providing the user with the advantage in the form of zero damage which shall enable the user to defeat the toughest of the opponents and become the best player out there. The advantage will let you retain more damage and will help you play the game endlessly without any hindrance. With all the benefits, the mod APK will become the preferred choice for android users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Granny mod menu


  • The 3D graphics used in this game looks original.
  • It is totally free to download and use.
  • Puzzles are present to solve the game and the sound system is also good.


  • The only disadvantage is that it is scary and frightening for children so it is not good for them to play.

Features of Granny-MOD-APK:

  •  If you think that the entire house shall be against you then you cannot be any more wrong because the game has a lot of hidden rooms and cupboards where you can hide from the Granny so all you need is to think cautiously.
  • Come up with the best solution and scroll through the house and play your game efficiently.
  • It is a really interesting and fascinating game which you can enjoy well and you can also use intellectual skills to solve these puzzles.
  • This game is present in three modes known as easy, hard, and medium mode so you can easily check out your intelligence skills.
  • As the game is present on Apple App Store and Google Play Store that’s why it is safe to use. it has granny cheats also.
  • You do not pay anything to use this app.
  • There are countless puzzles in this game to solve and get escaped from the Granny house without the attack of the Granny ghost.
  • This game has a complete setup where you can enjoy great gameplay. you can download the granny mod for free.

Frequently asked questions:

Is granny apk a paid game?

No, this fantastic game is totally free to use and you can use it without any worries.

Is this game good for kids?

No, it might be scary for them so avoid children, playing this game.

Is there any danger in using this game?

No, there is no type of danger for playing this game.



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