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Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK

Human Evolution Clicker Game MOD APK : Tap and Evolve Life Forms (MOD, Unlimited Money) – An exciting arcade clicker in the original visual style. This time the developers decided to give him the opportunity to participate in the development of humanity, otherwise the game will be made in the usual style. Click on the screen to generate the simplest elements, combine them or use them in further development. The process will unfold almost endlessly and depends only on your dexterity and imagination.

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The gameplay of the game is not complicated and it is easy to get used to as you just need to adjust all the activities of the game with one finger. The evolution method is not as complicated as it seems, nor does it require as much attention as it seems; all it takes is dragging and combining two types, among other things, to build a new version of evolution. Turns the story into an animated game that allows for unlimited creativity


The game mainly revolves around the theme of human evolution with many different evolutionary combinations. However, it is not only limited to humans, but the game also offers players a variety of different creatures to choose from and evolve in their own way. Depending on your interests and hobbies, from cute little creatures to big scary creatures, prehistoric creatures or strange creatures never seen before. The evolutionary map has many different creatures waiting for you to discover them, install the game and participate in the process of building the history of all species.


Not only encapsulated in the ecology of the earth, but you can also travel through many planets and create a life here. Each planet has a different ecosystem and different environments greatly influence your evolution. Humans can now evolve in different ways and take on different physical characteristics. You can’t just create a person; you can create many different races of people with completely different characteristics than the ordinary people you created yourself. This game has a lot for you to discover and believe on the path to evolution while helping you maximize your unique creativity. Combine humans and different creatures to create a unique species.


Just like in nature, the formation and evolution of a current organism originated from unicellular organisms a long time ago. Your evolutionary journey begins with these little creatures first; you then combine these creatures to create a newer species on the evolutionary path. It’s great that you can create different species from one small, highly mutated creature in a simple yet creative way. Your boundless creativity will be how you create countless different unique creatures, especially humans, the main character of the game.


The evolution of a species results in changes in morphology, which also contributes to the development of civilization. Likewise, as life progresses, civilization progresses through modernization to the point where it is technologically advanced and ahead of its time. The fact that civilization has developed to a high level means that people can evolve in different ways and combine with a wide variety of elements. Create a utopia for your race, and with it the advancement of human civilization on many different planets, and let’s see how far we can take humanity.


  • Game progression evolves based on the player’s creativity, creating new and exciting species.
  • The huge world with many different environments makes it interesting and diversifies the gameplay to give an unforgettable experience.
  • Evolution is portrayed interestingly, but there is still an unavoidable reality at play; you will have the most realistic feeling.
  • Human development and many other creatures for players to explore, develop and create their own world.
  • The gameplay is simple, easy to understand and very easy to get used to, suitable for all players, especially the little ones who love to learn about history.
  • The game has a unique and new story that helps players to be more sensitive and discover many useful things in this fascinating world.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple and undemanding graphics which makes it extremely playable on most of your Android devices. While it doesn’t have too many interesting graphics, it also did a great job of accurately depicting the creatures and the environments around them. Not to mention, the awesome habitats with dynamic settings will also make the game quite enjoyable.


Along with immersive audio experiences, players of Human Evolution Clicker Game will become completely addicted to their evolution journey. Since each creature has its own unique voices, you might find the game much more relatable.

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