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Lost Life Mod Apk ,It's a terrifying lifestyle exploration with an active craving, a terrifying drama trip, and the anxiety of someone whose every move will dictate your fate, survival, and death.
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Lost Life APK is a popular among people, especially teenagers and adults, and it’s easy to see why. Players are placed in the role of a student who has been taken to an unknown world in this puzzle horror game. With its compelling storyline, thrilling activity and the anxiety of each decision determining your fate, Lost Life MOD APK provides an unforgettable experience. Exploring, solving puzzles and battling foes are some of the tasks that you’ll have to face as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land.

Lost Life Mod Apk is an amazing Adventure Horror game for Android phones that debut in the Advertising category by Shikesto Games, combining interesting adventures of horror in a photo. Lost Life  has a horror game from a labyrinth that makes it one of the best horror games.

Play the game Lost Life:In this game, your character takes the shape of a scared person whose choice is your destination, your life, and your death, as well as the lives of others’ influences. So if you are searching for  scarye; game, you will love this game.

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How To Play Lost Life APK

Lord, You Are Following The Story Converted Into A Game. The Story of A Small Child. In It, You Have To Choose 2 Options That Will Present Youwith  The Story Periodically. Usually, These Are Moments That Change Life, So You Should Be Careful in Your Choices.

Because Each Decision You Take Affects The Lives of You and Those Around You. But you do not know about the future, so you have to assume responsibility for your choices. Here Are The Ghosts And Monsters That Will Fall in Your Imagination While Reading The Story

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In this game, the player has to lead his life since childhood. Every choice that you make during the game has a direct impact on your character’s destination. Therefore, every action that you choose in this game must be done with full responsibility.

The background color forthe  writing is black and has a good background number that sounds a little scary.

History Of Life Mod APK

You will love the Mode because you are a child full of small adventures. Here you have a lot of dreams, and communicate with your famil,y, and nightly creatures. Apart from that, we cannot tell you another story because it can spoil it. However, you will notice that chapters will sink into history in history.

Walkthrough for Lost Life APK

Lost Life APK will take you on an emotional roller coaster. Every decision you make in this game shapes your life and the lives of those around you. With no knowledge of what awaits in the future, it is essential to take responsibility for everything you do. You will find yourself being faced with mysterious creatures, filled with moral dilemmas along your way. The dark visuals, coupled with a haunting soundtrack, serve to make the journey even more thrilling and intense. Remember – each and every choice is yours to make and its consequences will be long felt!

Features of Lost Life Mod APK

Make Your Own Decision

Lost Life has many alternatives for you. To begin with, he is asked if he would like to inform his mother about the ghost in his closet. You will then be asked what kind of fantasy you would like. Depending on your taste, it can have a different ending. Therefore, you must select wisely and face the consequences of your own actions in this game!

Lost Life has many options for you. First, you will be asked to tell your mother about the mind in her closet. So you will be asked what kind of dream you wan.? Depending on your preference, you can have a different end. Then you have to choose wisely and be confronted with the consequences of your actions in the game!

Large Sound Effects

Despite the fact that the game has no visuals or movies, it is still able to confuse adults with its narration and audio effects. The background tells the story perfectly and gives depth to these characters. In general, sound effects are higher when there are no images.

Although the game has no image or video, it still succeeds in intimidation of adults with history and sound effects. The fund tells the story perfectly and adds depth to the characters. In general, the sound effect is greaterofr the lack of images in the game.

How To Download latest version of Lost Life APK 2023 for Android?

The best way to download Lost Life APK 2023 on Android is to enable the Allow download from unknown source option in your mobile settings. Click on the download button after changing the settings. Once it is downloaded, you can begin playing the game by installing the APK file.


Q:Can children play this game?
A:No, children cannot play this game. Because this game is made for adults only. Because this game is based on an adult story.

Q. Is Lost Life suitable for all ages?

A. Lost Life APK may be too intense or too difficult for younger players due to the high difficulty and intensity in some parts of the game. Please read the content warnings before playing this game if you are unsure if it is suitable for a younger player.

Q. What kind of weapons are available in Lost Life MOD?

A. Lost Life MODK has a special weapon system that allows players to customize and upgrade their weapons. There are a limited number of weapons available at the start, but more can be unlocked by exploring the game and solving puzzles.

Q. How long does it take to complete Lost Life?

A. Lost Life has many secrets, items and puzzles to discover, so it could take hours or days depending on how much you want to discover and how quickly you solve the puzzles. It’s up to you how long you decide to play this game.

Q:What is the latest version of the lost life mod apk?
A:The latest version of lost lives download is v1.55.

Q:Is it safe to play this game?
A:Yes, this game is safe to play.

Q:Where can we download this game safely and for free?
You can easily download this game safely and completely free from this website.


Lost Life Mod is an interesting game based on real situations. Meet only an atmospherewheret you can meet a special experience. It is a safe application for Android devices. This MOT has already been tested. Download, pla,y and share this application with your friends and family.

I think you are clear about all things King of Crabs/MOD after carefully reading this complete article guide from apksega. Go ahead and ask all your questions in the comments section below. We look forward to answering your questions. Also, check out various articles for extra cool Mods on our website.

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What's new

ВАЖНО: В игре доступно переключение языков между русским и английским!
- Добавлена новая глава бля прохождения.
- Исправлены некоторые баги и игровые ошибки.

IMPORTANT: In-game language switching between russian and english is available !
- Added one new chapter.
- Fixed some bugs and game errors.


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