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Magic Rampage Mod APK is an exciting action game that combines the RPG genre. Magic Rampage players will also explore and experience a variety of amazing dungeons in exciting weekly events.
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Magic Rampage Mod APK is an entertaining RPG in which you create your character as you want, give him a unique personality, and give him superpowers. Then you will clean the old dungeon, which is full of monsters and zombies. Use all your skills to achieve the desired victory, and fight against many bosses and other enemies that cross your path. The Magic Rampage mod apk game combines different genres. You will not get bored because powerful battles are waiting for you, and you probably won’t be able to sit still.


As an unknown warrior, you suddenly received a phone call from a mysterious force one day. You will investigate the evil one who spread the dark magic and turned all the soldiers in this old castle into mindless zombies. you can more visit 

As you go deeper into the adventure, you will travel through many different spaces, from the swamp to the deep dark tunnel and the strange castle in the middle of the ground. Go deeper to unravel the secrets there. Discover your identity simultaneously, which is why you are the only one who can perform this difficult task. And finally, find the king and find out why this mysterious castle was buried underground.

The weapons and equipment of the character

It is quite easy to control the brave, adventurous character in Magic Rampage. The bottom left corner is the navigation button. The bottom right corner is the jump and attack control button. At the top left is the character’s equipment, including weapons and armor.

The action is not complicated, and the movement is also simple. The platform element is also quite traditional. Therefore, the core of the problem lies in selecting weapons and armor. Depending on the enemy and obstacles in each scene, you’ll have to brainstorm which item to use. Some things can be extremely powerful in phase A, but they become unusable when they reach phase B. For example, fireproof armor will, of course, save you from fire. But for zombies, fireproof armor is no problem. They will still rush to bite you as usual.

Variety Of Game Modes

If there is no complicated plot or too unique gameplay, the excellent system makes a good impression. The game-mode system is rich here, so it’s hard to put it down. What I like the most is playing in campaign mode. There are dozens of levels here. Each group is in a different scene with a unique situation where monsters are always new (from giant spiders, dragons, bats, zombies, and ghosts).

In Survival Mode, you must use your whole mind to survive each scene. The longer you live, the more gold and weapons you will get as a reward. They should start playing this mode first to build up weapons and armor, preparing to fight using other methods.

Just as good as the previous model is Boss Mode. It’s where you join forces with other friendly NPCs to fight a series of hideous bosses.

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An Example Of A Classic Platform On A Mod

The platforming element in Magic Rampage is apparent from the moment you touch the screen and start controlling the character’s first steps. Everything stretches out in front of you like an endless straight line with many traps that force you to act constantly (walking, moving fast, jumping from side to side, throwing weapons to attack).

But because it’s also a modern RPG, our characters aren’t immutable like classic platformers. Our faceless warrior/fearless adventurer can be slightly customized in appearance. You can choose from one of the classes: wizard, warrior, druid, warlock, rogue, paladin, and thief. At the same time, the weapon system and armor equipment are also very rich. Through each option, you will gain a unique advantage to fight.

Graphics And Sound

The background scene is a bit dark. The creation of the main character is rather strange. The game has many monsters, mostly different types of zombies. There’s violence, guys. Hit once, and the “pieces” are everywhere. Another violent element has to do with the effect of killing with strange weapons that the game eagerly installs. But don’t worry, it’s not an exaggeration. All the characters are small and beautiful.

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Fans of classic side-scrolling action platformers will enjoy this in-depth and interactive Magic Rampage game. With the game fully unlocked on our website, you will surely find yourself addicted to the gaming experience.

Important! Run the game with the Internet turned off.

– To get a lot of money you need to sell a health potion.


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