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Plants vs zombies mod apk(MOD, Unlimited Coins/Suns) - fight crowds of zombies in an exciting new battle. Download it for free with installation guide.
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15 Apr 2024
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Plants vs zombies mod apk fight crowds of zombies in an exciting new battle. Fight all the attacks of the dead and don’t let them enter the courtyard. Create your invincible defenses, devise tactics and build protective nuts, which will stop the advance of opponents for a long time. PvZ Free mod apk game has nice graphics and many tasks and variety of locations. In which you will meet many heroes and as you progress in the game you will discover new plants with unique abilities.


The zombies have risen and attack your garden, they demand to eat your brain. In the game, players play as a homeowner whose yard is attacked by zombies. They will try anything to eat your brain so it will be a fight for survival. To deal with the incoming zombies, you have to build up your defenses using capable plants. Choose from a variety of different plants, each with its own powers and abilities to help you avoid enemy attacks. Buy plants that can produce solar energy so you can buy other plants. Choose the weapon plants that can shoot powerful peas at the zombies. Get their heads off before they can eat your yard and get to you.

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Important Features:

Here you will find all the cool features that the game offers:

Simple yet addictive gameplay

Players will get to know the game quite easily thanks to its simple controls and intuitive interfaces. That said, if you use the touch controls, it will take you a few minutes to start enjoying the game.

Furthermore, the concepts are also quite simple. You just need to select different plants to place in your garden. Collect solar energy from certain plants and have more attacking plants to deal with the constantly growing zombies.

Still, it takes time to master the game and you have to develop different tactics for different situations. That said, while it’s quite easy, it will take you a certain amount of time to get the hang of it. And that’s exactly what makes the game so addictive.

Choose between different plants

And to provide endless possibilities for different tactics, Plants vs Zombies players have access to many different plants available. That said, each plant in your collection has its own powers and abilities.

You can have the sunflower to collect solar energy. Plant the pea cannons to fire powerful peas at the zombies. Destroy a group of zombies with the pumpkin bomb. Or slow the enemy’s progress with giant potatoes. There are dozens of different options to choose from when it comes to selecting plants.

Take on all kinds of zombies.

On the other hand, zombies also have their unique powers. The further you get in the game, the harder the zombies you have to overcome. Fight tough zombies with fully equipped loves. Shoot the flying zombies by shooting their balloons. Unleash powerful punches at the giants before they hurtle through your yard. Your opponents will increase in strength and size, so be prepared. Not to mention, the giant bosses will challenge you with incredible powers.

Follow your exciting adventures

The game presents players with an exciting adventure in which they will go through many exciting levels. Challenge the zombies in more than 50 different levels. Complete missions with the best results and win valuable loot.

Enjoy many other game modes

And in addition to the adventure game, Plants vs Zombies also introduces players to a variety of different game modes for them to enjoy:

Survival – Last but not least, players can put their skills and abilities to the test by participating in the Survival mode. Try to survive the continuous zombie attacks as long as possible. Keep the zombies out of your yard by deploying a formidable defense. Set your own records

Zen Garden – Back to basics, Zen Garden introduces players to the simple yet addictive gardening game. Have a small garden with empty pots to start planting. Buy several seeds from the store and take care of them so that they can grow into a mature plant. Water your plants and give them plenty of fertilizer to ensure they grow well. Rent a snail to help you collect the coins that fall from the trees.

Mini-games: The game contains many exciting mini-games that you can play on your devices. That said, you can have a lot of fun playing Walnut Bowling games, throwing big nuts at the zombies to finish them off. Hit the zombies to prevent them from entering your house. Or challenge the little zombies in Big Trouble Little Zombie.

Complete various achievements and challenges.

In addition to the main gameplay, Plants vs Zombies players can take part in exciting challenges and epic achievements. Complete them and collect valuable loot for your plant army. Unlock many coins to allow new purchases.

Fight in different places

During your adventure you will have the chance to battle the zombies on all different fronts. Fight them in daylight in your yard or battle them at night, make the game a little more challenging by not having enough sunlight. Fight zombies in foggy conditions to make things even more intense because you don’t know what to expect. Take the fights to the ponds or even to the rooftops.

Free to play

Despite all the cool features, Plants vs Zombies is currently a free game. So you can easily install it on your devices and enjoy the game without paying anything. However, you may find in-app purchases quite disturbing as they significantly slow down your process.

Unlock the game with our mods

You can unlock all game content and in-app purchases without paying anything. So you can focus on the game instead of wasting time on side missions.

To install the mod, simply download our Plants vs Zombies Hacked APK on your devices. Follow our given instructions to install it on your devices and you can enjoy this amazing game completely for free.

Visual and sound quality


While it doesn’t come with impressive graphics with impressive visuals or anything, the simplicity and intuitive interfaces still make the game quite appealing. Moreover, thanks to the simple graphics, you can install the game on most Android devices without any lag or stutter.

Sound / Music

Enjoy relaxing audio pieces with exciting soundtracks and accurate sound effects. Make yourself at home as you fight the vicious zombies invading your yard.

What's new

Greetings zombie zappers! We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to enhance your zombie-battling fun.

Hello, smarty plants! Your zombie-zapping experience will get better with some behind-the-scenes updates and brain-picking improvements. As always, thanks for playing.



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