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Stealth Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money) - In this game, you have to discreetly go to the elevator. Try to get caught in the eyes of the guards. They are armed and dangerous.
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Stealth Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – In this game, you have to discreetly go to the elevator. Try to get caught in the eyes of the guards. They are armed and dangerous. If this happens, take them out with your arsenal of weapons. There can be traps in the way, like security cameras. Avoid them, so they don’t notice you.

Assassin Ninja Game

Ninja themes are not uncommon in movies, but they are quite rare in mobile games.

There are many legends and stories about Ninja and the shocking secret missions they did. But after all, Ninja always has secrets…always a mystery.

Maybe that’s why “Assassin Ninja” was chosen as the main theme of this fascinating game. You can choose one of the 4 Ninja forms, and on your turn, you will be assigned various dangerous and difficult missions. The goal, of course, is to complete the task, and how to handle it depends on the player’s courage.

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The gameplay is simple, but the missions are difficult and dramatic.

Stealth Master’s controls are simple and flexible: just touch your hand on the screen to move the character.

In the action area of the Ninja will be many cameras, CCTV, or strong guards. So if you act like a regular killer, you’ll be caught right away. But if you’re a Ninja, it’s different. The Ninja can incarnate and has enough skills and weapons to do so, sometimes in a very manual but neat and efficient way.

What is the Ninja’s motivation?

But in return, the motivation for us is that Ninja can improve his skills and weapons along the way. You can even combine two abilities, two different weapons in one to increase damage. And there are poisonous weapons that can destroy many enemies on a large scale.

Another cool thing about Stealth Master is that the game levels are no longer called Lev as usual but in the form of contracts. With every completed contract, you will earn money, bonus points, and items.

These three things are:

Money: For each successful mission, you will be rewarded according to the difficulty. The money is used to buy new weapons, equipment, and new clothes.

Collected Points: This point is always available when destroying large and small enemies. If big or small bosses die, you get more points. By earning points, you can update everything yourself. If you want, you can unlock a new “look” to turn into another heroic character.

Collect the keys – There are some scenes where a mysterious door will appear. So don’t ignore any keys along the way. They can lead you to many wonderful secrets and treasures.

Music and images

Everything in Stealth Master is quite dark and intense. That tense atmosphere was the perfect combination of weird graphics and great sounds. Every step, breath, and whisper, or object that falls is so detailed that it amazes you because the sounds seem so vivid.

Stealth Master’s graphics aren’t brilliant and should be seen by everyone. On the contrary, it is quite dark, scares people a bit, but is immersed in extreme curiosity and excitement. The real protagonist Ninja also confused me, not knowing if the protagonist I played was a good or a bad guy.

Download Stealth Master MOD APK For Android

In Stealth Master, the missions laid out for us are somewhat strange, such as breaking into a high-rise building and stealing an important document or killing the head of the security department to cause a stir… Anyway, this is just a game, so don’t think too much.

Just play and try to show all your ninja skills because the sense of excitement and entertainment is at the heart of every game! Download Stealth Master to play here!

Stealth Master Mod APK Free Download

Last but not least, the download and installation options. When deciding which version to get, ask what you’re looking for. Want to play the game the way the developers intended? Or do you want all shortcuts and tricks to become an unstoppable force? If you choose the latter, the latest version of Stealth Master Mod APK is your best bet.


I think you are clear about all things Stealth Master  APK/MOD after carefully reading this complete article guide from apksega. Go ahead and ask all your questions in the comments section below. We look forward to answering your questions. Also, check out various articles for extra cool Mods on our website.

What's new

Two new heroes have been added: brothers Blaze and Snowy!
Blaze is a fiery rebel that wants revenge.
Snowy, an ice mage, returned from forgotten times to chill his brother.
Unlock them both and become a new stealth master!

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