Youtube Vanced Mod APK (Premium/No ADS)

YouTube Vanced APK is a custom app with the same user interface and experience as the official YouTube app. The only difference between both apps are some additional features. YouTube Vanced app is an excellently designed app that gives you all the features of YouTube Premium without having to pay any money for it. Apart from that, you also get extra great built-in features that you don't get with YouTube Premium.
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22 May 2023
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Android 5.1
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Youtube Vanced Mod Apk is an app that allows users to watch videos on various topics posted by the creators, and even you can do it. Many topics such as popular music videos, fashion, popular content in games, news, beauty, learning, and more. You can fully participate in the making of this video and share your favorite content with other users around the world.


YouTube is the #1 online video streaming and sharing platform worldwide. It is the only online video platform with more than two billion monthly active users. YouTube was founded in February 2005 in California by three former PayPal employees. Now if we look at the statistics, YouTube gained billions of new users and even became the second-largest social media platform in the world. Concerning content, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so it’s easy to see how much content is on YouTube. It is also a great platform for gamers, singers, dancers, and creators of all kinds to help them monetize their creativity.

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The YouTube Vanced app is a viral entertainment platform and it is getting a lot of attention and usage from users around the world. If you’re looking for a video on a particular topic, it’s your job to search and start watching.

And based on your interests, the app gives you favorite topics and video recommendations on the front page, and you can choose easily. If you like a particular channel, hit the subscribe button; it will help you get the latest videos from your favorite content creators. You can even see the history of watched videos and more.Also, check:HDrezka APK

Friendly Interface

Youtube Vanced is a simple interface app with the same menu and content settings as the official YouTube app. This app is just a copied version of official YouTube with some extra features. This app consists of the same five tabs: Home, Browse, Subscriptions, Inbox, and Library.

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You also get the search and stream button above with the account details plugin. The Library tab is also where you’ll find videos you’ve downloaded offline and the last viewed history. To access all the features of Vanced, all you have to do is log into this app and then tap the account button on the top right corner where you will get the settings button. In the settings section, at the last second point, you will get an Advanced Settings option. In the advanced settings, you can activate all the extra features that come with the YouTube Vanced app.

Dark Mode

The YouTube Vanced app gives you access to change the YouTube theme between light and dark mode no matter what device you are using. You activate the dark mode in the app by opening the general menu in the settings option. In the General menu, you get an option that appears as the skin that you can change depending on the theme you want.


In order for the app to become as popular as it is today, one of the thank you notes must be sent to the user. This is an open app and you can easily contribute your creative content, or you can still participate as a viewer. Thus, the app has created a very large community and collaboration with a large number of creators or viewers from all over the world.


This is a great video platform with many interesting topics posted by users from all over the world. From entertainment content such as music, games, or sharing knowledge about cooking, learning, beauty,… Everything is found when users search by topic name. If you can search well, this app can also become a perfect information site for users.


Try to choose a favorite subject and raise the camera, let’s start with the first videos! If you are an active, creative person and enjoy making videos, this is a good opportunity to express yourself. By making unique videos and getting support from your viewers, you get a lot of likes and subscriptions and your videos reach a lot of people.

Premium Content From Youtube

Youtube offers many original web series such as A.I., Impulse, Wave, Origin, and various other web series. But you cannot watch these original web series without subscribing to the premium membership. That’s why we modified the YouTube Vanced app so that you can also access original YouTube content on this app without paying a single rupee.


Micro G is a simple clone of Google’s core libraries and applications. It is the most reliable clone of Google services. To log in to this app you need a bypass software called Micro G because basically this app is launched for phones without root access so google play services cannot be played on this app. Login can give you professional recommendations of videos based on your viewing preferences. Therefore, in this section, you will find the complete information and download link of Micro G software. You can also experience all the premium features of YouTube without Micro G on Vanced, but you need it to sign in to your Google account.


It is the best feature of YouTube Vanced APK with sliders to adjust the sound and brightness of the video. You can now also download MX Player’s gesture control innovation on YouTube. To activate the sliders you just need to open the advanced settings in which the sliders option will appear. From that setting, you can enable the brightness and volume slider and set the threshold or sensitivity of the slider. You must use this feature at least once after downloading this app, it will blow your mind.


Now you can quickly remove virtual ads from YouTube without spending a single rupee. Every YouTube user is concerned about YouTube ads. Whenever they stream their favorite content, they are interrupted by Google ads and it is very expensive to buy a premium YouTube subscription to get rid of the tacky ads. But in the YouTube Vanced app, you get a feature that allows you to disable YouTube ads very easily and stream your favorite movies or videos without any interruption. So download this app now and enjoy an unusual ad-free experience at no cost.

Desired Resolution

This feature allows you to view video resolutions that your phone does not support. So by downloading this app, you can watch Full HD 1080p video on a small phone with 720p resolution. You can easily override the resolution of the videos using the advanced settings where you will see the Video Quality option. Tapping it will give you four options to ignore different data usage and wifi usage resolutions. You can also set your favorite video speed up to 2x from that setting.

Install YouTube ReVanced APK step by step

  1. Open your phone settings, go to Security, and enable unknown sources.
  2. Install Youtube ReVanced Extended App which you downloaded from the links below. (Click Allow from this source if prompted)
  3. Download the Micro G app to log in to Google accounts (Important)
  4. Download MigroG v0.2.26
  5. – Install the Micro G App.
  6. Open the YouTube Vanced app and sign in.
  7. Enjoy ad-free YouTube videos with background playback.


YouTube Vanced is a great way to get all the features of YouTube without ads. The modded version also gives you access to premium content that you would otherwise have to pay for. If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of YouTube, this is definitely the app for you.

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