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Download Implosion MOD APK offline action game for Android devices. thrilling gameplay for both beginners and experts
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Implosion MOD APK is an offline action game for Android devices. This game is from Rayark International Limited. It is available free in the play store but requires IAP to unlock its full version.

“Implosion – Never Lose Hope” is a game about running around with your battle. You have to fight with the devil and bosses. It has thrilling gameplay with remarkable graphics. The game is suitable for both beginners and experts. You do not need to worry that you will exit from the game after a few minutes of playing.

Misconception about Implosion Mod APK:

There is a common misconception that action games are not as entertaining as people think and the diversity of game titles have the same concept. To be honest, they are not wrong, however, the problem with action games often is not the game itself. It is full of entertainment and thrill. You will enjoy it.

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Story and Gameplay:

“Implosion – Never Lose Hope” takes place in 2201 when the Earth has been abandoned after brutal creatures came and demolish everything. Players will play the role of Jacob Carloway, a young Warmech pilot. This Pilot is one of a group of humans who moves out to the nearest planet after the attack of the aliens in 2178. After twenty years, people on the planet have found out about an incoming attack from the Earth and the survivors present here need to fly back there. They explore and terminate all the enemies.

Jacob with his fellows is back to their home planet with the mission to fight against the aliens. The fate of the whole planet is in their hands. They have had the War-Mech Series III battle suit to help them on the way to defeat the devil powers and save the planet Earth. Players will also use a sword and gun. They complete their goals in the upcoming missions.

Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod

Fast forward your life and see yourself in the year 2201, after years of running from eradication and threats. Once again the human race is under attack. Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod is a futuristic action game. This will give you a sense of extinction and fighting off evils trying to do so.

A dangerous creature, known by the name of XADA is thirsty for taking the lives of humans and bringing the entire human race to an end. Even after evacuating earth and moving to a whole new planet, humans still cannot catch a break from the evils that are after their life from the entire galaxy.

Features of Implosion Mod APK

User Interface:

The most instinctive touch user-interface seen on the platform.

Free to play:

It is free to play the mission and you can unlock all levels from one time IAP.

Music and sound:

It is very impressive and interesting that the voice acting is on point like a movie is playing. The developer who introduced Implosion Mod APK has made music rhythm for many games before, so it is not hard to understand why the music is excellent.


The graphics used in this game are fantastic. It is a well-designed game with a mixture of stunning customizations. All the actions are amazingly smooth. It is impressive that the game can handle all troubleshooting. Players will see a few ups and downs during the battle, but it is not a big deal.

Unlimited money:

If you are tired of killing aliens to collect coins, the game has supported free unlimited money for you. You can buy any gears you are interested in, furnish them to your suit and defeat enemies without fear of losing the battle.

Brooch system for gamers to negotiate for the good stuff:

By completing side goals in each level, players will earn some badges. There are chances for mastery and each level has its own leaderboard for you to get better scores. The number of badges depends upon the number of scores. You can unlock equipment with enhancements, trade all kinds of valuable goodies such as special weapons, new suits. Badges can be earned in the normal, hard, and expert levels.

Missions to play with a diversity of monsters and rewarding gears:

There are 34 stages of action players will never get bored of the game. Fight your way through research labs and frozen camps filled with all shapes and sizes of monsters.

In every step, new enemies will be introduced so that the game is not too repetitive and boring. But some monsters such as anthropoid robots or essential zombies are in every mission. Stronger and bigger enemies have renewable and advanced shields so do not get distracted because you will have to break the shields before you kill them.

Engaging storyline with enjoyable gameplay:

Implosion is a well-designed game with thrilling actions. In the game, you will have to fight against aliens and save the last remains of the human race. During missions, you will meet a lot of side characters and it is extremely fun to play as them.

How to Download and install Implosion Mod APK?

  1. Firstly uninstall any version of Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK if you have previously downloaded to your device.
  2. Click on the downloadable link Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK.
  3. Once you click the link you will receive a confirmation message regarding permission to download the link Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK then click “Yes”.
  4. After the file has been downloaded, proceed by moving it to your android or smartphone and install Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK.
  5. If you initially downloaded the file on your mobile device then just install it directly.
  6. Upon installation, you will receive another confirmation message regarding permission to install Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK, click “yes” and continue the process.
  7. Click on the application of Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK and enjoy the futuristic thrills of this action game.

Advantages of Implosion Mod APK:

Following are some advantages of Implosion Mod APK:

  • It has high-quality sound and imagery which will transport you to a whole new dimension. This is a very realistic game.
  • The storyline of Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod is very unique and it is a totally different experience.
  • It is free of any advertisements which may disturb you from the overall gaming experience.
  • Save all the data of the game to your cloud through an internet connection. The data does not take up too much space on your mobile device.
  • Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod is armed to work on all devices; Android and iOS also.
  • The application has been tested and it is free from all types of viruses. The safety of your device is not at risk.
  • The entire game is free and you do not have to pay a little penny on it.

Disadvantages of Implosion Mod APK:

  • Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod can drain almost 20%-25% of your battery usage. The file size is towards the larger side so it will take up some space on your mobile device.

Frequently asked the question;

Q. Can I download Implosion Mod APK from the Google Play Store?

No, you cannot download it from the Google play store. It can be downloaded from the link.

Q. What is the file size of Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK?

Implosion Never Lose Hope Mod APK’s file size is 23 MB’s

Q. Will, I have unlimited money and upgrades in this game?

Yes! You can upgrade weapons and buy weapons without any worry about how you will get the money to do so.


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