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September 23, 2021
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Exploring the ocean like a crab and taking out anyone who stands in your way, King Of Crabs Mod APK  simple yet extremely fun game is sure to impress you with its intuitive and engaging experiences. Here you are free to have fun with your absolute action experiences as you embark on your ultimate adventures with your crabs.

King Of Crabs Mod APK

Have fun exploring the unforgiving seas where you will encounter interesting sea enemies to claim your title of King of the Crabs. Take on the best fighting experiences not just with your claws, so that you can grab and hit the enemies. Collect your awesome weapons and gear, take on the ultimate battle against multiple enemies and fully enjoy the incredible gameplay of King of Crabs.

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In the game, Android players will enjoy their exciting experiences in the endless action game with your interesting crabs. Feel free to choose your favorite crab warriors and take part in exciting battles as you strive to become the ruler of the seas, the king of crabs. Take on the best fighting experiences with players online in exciting PvP game modes. Run in search of soft targets or prey to collect and unlock new evolutions for your crab.
Take part in amazing crab fights with thrilling and thrilling experiences. Make use of the many scratching skills available and enjoy your exciting crab fighting game to the fullest. Have fun with the fantastic in-game experiences of King of Crabs as you progress through the game. Quickly join the online battles, have fun with the game as you wish and feel free to play with your interesting crabs.

Characteristics of the king of Crabs Mod APK

Here are all the cool features the game offers:

Enjoy the simple yet extremely attractive mobile game

For starters, Android gamers at King of Crabs will find that they enjoy the simple and accessible action gameplay as they engage with the mobile title. Just select your favorite crabs or lobsters and dive into the awesome fights whenever you want. Unlock incredible mobile action gameplay with engaging PvP experiences. Compete with real players in a fun and exciting battles. Here you can really experience beach life as you thrive to compete for the rankings or get crushed and swallowed by other bigger enemies.

Upgrade and customize your awesome King of Crabs

In the game, Android players will play themselves as incredible crabs or lobsters, each with its own unique look and feel. Feel free to join the battles, collect resources, turn your crustacean warriors into big and capable Crab Kings. Take advantage of available upgrades to give your crabs better powers. Unleash your epic attacks with amazing skills and abilities. And at the same time, being an online game, you would love to have interesting and unique skins on your crabs, which will surely make them stand out from the crowd.

Lots of loot and resources available on the big map

In King of Crabs, Android players will discover the large and intuitive map of the game with plenty of loot and resources to collect. Here, the intuitive and detailed minimap shows you exactly the position of your enemies, as well as where the loot boxes are placed. Feel free to scour the map for awesome loot and powerups so you can develop your Crab Heroes effectively.

Quickly dodge big enemies and look for smaller targets to choose from. Sooner or later you will find yourself dominating the map, in case you can stay alive. Explore dozens of interesting weapons to fight.
In addition to interesting combat skills and abilities, King of Crabs players will also enjoy exciting battles with their powerful and capable weapons. Here, Android players are free to use the included weapons or loot better gear from the enemies to participate in the battles. Have fun with your awesome crab hammers, axes, baseball bat or just grab a bottle lying on the shore and start hitting your enemies. These available weapons will surely make fighting in the game very fun and enjoyable.

What's new


New Crab: Ghost Crab
- Stealthy new playable crab.

New Mode: Team Battle!
- Join forces to crush the enemy team.
- Exciting time-limited deathmatch games.

Introducing Seasons
- Season 1 kicks off with a sporty theme.
- 60 rewards available to win.

Pets - A flying friend!
- Tucan - Drops egg bombs.
- Dragonfly - Healing boost.
- Pterosaur - Shoots a fireball.

Awesome Extras
- Equipped with funky footwear!
- 5 Sport themed weapons.
- Wild Upgrades.



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