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Skullgirls is a 2D designer fighting game where players unite in thrilling battles that you can't stop watching. The game has an accessible control method that players need time to practice and use correctly.
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Skullgirls Mod APK is a 2D designer fighting game where players unite in thrilling battles that you can’t stop watching. The game has a n accessible control method that players need time to practice and use correctly. In addition, many modes are also challenging and require players time to beat them, leading to impressive rewards. So the number of warriors in the game are waiting for you to unlock them.

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The controls in the game are quite flexible. You touch the right side of the screen to punch or kick. Meanwhile, touching the sides of the screen at the same time will trigger a critical attack.

The content of Skullgirls is based on a tree model. You choose the points (nodes) in the tree to play. That also means you can choose challenges. This model is quite flexible, it was also used in the game Marvel Contest of Champions from Kabam Games. Keep in mind that bosses spawn in special nodes and that’s something you can’t ignore.

Experience Amazing Fighting Matches

The world that players will find in Skullgirls is a 2D world with absolutely amazing hand-drawn designs, and you will immerse yourself in it by completing battles between different characters. Each character has its unique characteristics that will take you time to discover. Also, the control method of this game is not too complicated, just focus on swiping or tapping the screen. Therefore, you only need to carefully read the information related to the control method.

At the beginning of the game, you are given specific instructions on how to hit to perform reasonable attacks and defenses. You can then perform your desired attacks efficiently.

Over 170 Fighters To Unlock

If we put more than 170 brilliant fighters into context, they have their own individual abilities and unique combat skills that make them different from each other. Each has its own charm and power, which corresponds to the level of difficulty. So it is advisable to know how to unlock characters and use their skills in times of need. As you earn cash, rewards, bonuses, points and more, you can unlock powerful heroes for your team and fend off anyone who gets in your way. This is an iconic game world where you can have fun. . fighting moments like you never expected before so be alert and find the attackers as they can come from anywhere.

Selection Of Incredible Game Modes

You will find many different game modes in Skullgirls, and each mode has its own points of interest. Specifically, you start your journey and meet other characters for the story mode, and the difficulty increases. In addition, you will also find the story of this game and gradually improve the skills and strength of the character. You will be able to find new characters that appear little by little and that can strengthen your team.

A default team in this game to lead the league has a minimum of three characters and you can keep changing them during the battle if you feel defeated by your opponent’s attack. Depending on the number of characters you own, you can also customize your squad before going into battle. So it will be a long journey that will take time to complete and challenge you in other more exciting modes.

Unlock Characters And Improve Their Skills

An interesting point of fighting games is that the number of characters that players can experience is diverse, so you will spend time unlocking the warriors in Skullgirls. A common way to unlock that you often encounter is to open a relic, and a mysterious character will appear before your very eyes. But the collection of characters is just the beginning as the number of skills in the character’s skill tree is diverse and you need to equip a new Blockbuster for the character.

Powerful Moves And Missions In The Modes.

Skullgirl mod apk offers the most dramatic and brilliant gameplay to enjoy the journey of wild battles with the premium heroes at your disposal. It is a great pleasure to have at your fingertips some of the powerful heroes that have been upgraded and brought to their maximum focus and power to better deal with opponents. Since this adventure is not going to end anyway, the game offers users multiple missions in each individual mode consisting of story mode, daily events, prize fights, training, practice, combos and more.

Brilliant RPG Combat To Get To The Artifacts.

In the unfair world of skullgirl mod apk, anyone can make a wish come true if they reach the artifact, which appears once every 7 years. It has so much capacity to fulfill all your dreams and desires but only one. Your job is to get to the artifacts, and Skullgirl’s job is to prevent you from doing so… This is the gameplay based on the power of this artifact, it already fulfilled Skullgirl’s wish, so it caused chaos in the world , and this is why our hero must fulfill the wish to defeat the skull girl. Otherwise there is no other way.


Download skullgirl mod apk to complete skullgirl’s vision by defeating her and the army that comes to stop you on your way to fulfill your wishes. Reading the articles will give you an idea of exactly how to deal with the situations by deploying hundreds of fighters according to the requested situations. Unlock all skills, powers, boosts and more to make your heroes more powerful and more able to cope with the circumstances.

What's new

- Minor bug fixes

- BLACK DAHLIA AVAILABLE NOW - Check out the newest addition to the Skullgirls roster with 11 new Fighters, Daily Events, and much more!
- RETAKES - Reroll stats to create the perfect move!
- XP TREATS - Yu Wan and Minette have cooked up some tasty treats to help you level up Fighters more quickly!
- NEW ICON - Meet Bookie, Dahlia's top Bunny Assistant! <3
- FREE GIFTS - Login for your Free Gifts!

Check out the full update notes:

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