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Download Teaching feeling english game APK, one of the interesting and novel-based online games for android. The main task in this game is to do adventures
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Teaching Feelings APK English is one of the most exciting and novel-based online games for Android. The main task in this game is to have adventures and thrills. You are in a situation where you will go through a conversational experience. This game is mainly based on the main character, who is a young lady. You have to help her as a doctor. The game is full of fun and experiences, just like in real life.

The only thing you have to do is chat with Sylvie and give the simplest redirections. Teaching Feeling APK has hundreds of thousands of players and downloads. The game comes with a practical approach.

Main Characteristics of Teaching Feeling APK:

It’s all about a gorgeous girl named Sylvie, who is a stray and preceding the game. She was subjected to torment and punishment for many years. Her body is fully affected and has scars from the mistreatment she faced. She is the main character at the start of the game. At the start of the game, she is predicted to be subjected to torment. She is often shown to be improved at various responsibilities to be of best use as a performer.

The appearance of Sylvie:

She’s a short, smart girl who looks older than she was due to mistreatment and undernourishment. Her face and left arm have spots of injury. She has scars on her trunk and legs, too.

Features of Teaching Feeling APK:

Following are some key features of Teaching Feeling APK:

Simple and free to use:

It is easy to operate and you can use it free of cost.

Multiple languages:

Teaching Feeling APK provides support for several languages.

Unique from others:

You can play this game on uprooted devices too. The storyline makes it different from all other such types of apps.


It is compatible with all types of devices like smartphones and tablets. One can also run it in an older version of Android.

Novel-based game:

Teaching Feeling APK is a novel-based game where you can communicate with Sylvie and share your feelings.

2D Graphics:

2D graphics give visual experiences.

It is quite simple and no skills are required to use it.

The gameplay of Teaching Feeling APK:

Once you start the game, you will definitely enjoy it. You just need to do three things with Sylvie: talk, rub her head, or touch. You need to console her and feel secure. In order to survive, you have to earn money for her food and other needs. All of your efforts show her that life is not horrible; she has suffered in the past. Your nice behavior makes her happy.

Download Teaching Feeling APK

How do I download and install?

The following steps are followed to download and install the app:

Teaching Feeling is not new but it is still very attractive and interesting. The presence of 2D images mixed with different colors makes the players curious as well as creates unique features for the game. Teaching Feeling is a visual and novel game and you can choose anything you want. In order to conquer the game, behave like a gentleman and follow the following steps to install and use it.

  • Tap on the APK file.
  • Go to the settings on your device.
  • Open the settings and search for unknown sources.
  • Allow them and give them the required permissions.
  • Go to the file again and tap on the file.
  • Please open it and tap on the installation given in the file.
  • The installation will begin.
  • Do it completely.

When the installation is complete, open the game and start enjoying the best gaming experience.

Some tips you may need to play the game
Some tips you may need to play the game: Many players lost Sylvie after only 15 days of living with her because Sylvie had an illness and did not survive. So you have to help her to come out of this trauma. Never touch the “touch” button because Sylvie is extremely weak and needs care. Sylvie may fall ill and die if you make any mistake. Talk to her, rub her head, and show sympathy to her. If you are interested and show concern Sylvie will open her heart to you. She will ask for help from her master and go out. Teaching Feeling has an intimate bar. Your closeness will be assessed through this bar. You need to continue to treat her well until the 15th day. When your score is over 50, choose a cure for her and she will survive the first 15 difficult days.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the main theme of the game like Teaching feeling?

The main theme of this game is that you have to impress Sylvie by helping her come out of trauma. If you succeed then will be promoted to the next level.

Q. Is it available for devices other than Android?

Yes, this is available for all devices whether they are tablets or other smartphones.

Q. Is it safe to download Teaching Feeling APK?

Yes, it is totally safe and secure, and there is no risk in using it.

Q. Does it teach anything about humanitarian values?

It tells us about feminism and child protection laws. It gives a beautiful message about human rights and moral values.

Q. Will Teaching Feeling APK be available in multiple languages?

It is available in languages other than English.

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